Since 1989, Vetronix has been a trusted design and manufacturing resource for major defense and industrial system manufactures. Vetronix has a proven capability to rapidly design and manufacture cost effective and reliable electronic components and systems. Vetronix achieves successful product development by coupling applied research and design experience with internal manufacturing capabilities ranging from microelectronic components to complete box-level fabrication.

The Vetronix staff has specific technical expertise in military vetronics, weapon system integration, electrical power and data distribution, data and signal processing, remote data acquisition and control, serial data bus architectures, embedded processing, Programmable Load Control Modules (PLCMs), Solid-State Power Controllers (SSPCs), wireless control, digitized audio, embedded diagnostics, simulation systems, mechanical packaging, low power dissipation design, and hazardous location requirements.

Vetronix collaborates with prime contractors to develop complete distributed data acquisition, control, and power distribution systems for combat vehicles and other mission-critical systems. Vetronix routinely develops integrated systems for critical platforms as well as fabricates many of the components, circuit card assemblies, LRUs, and test equipment.

Vetronix has developed an in-house library of hundreds of proven electrical circuit designs, mechanical components, and firmware functions. These assets can be utilized to reduce development time, cost, and project risk. Vetronix electrical design capabilities and expertise include serial data bus architectures, embedded processors, I/O processing, sensor integration, power supplies, power protection, electrical isolation, low power dissipation, high current, transient protection, RF circuits, printed circuit boards, ASICs, FPGAs, and thick film hybrid circuits.

Vetronix maintains a mechanical design capability to create mechanical elements including complete Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) and Line Replaceable Modules (LRMs), enclosures, busbars, and heatsinks. Vetronix mechanical engineers are involved in nearly all product development efforts and use CAD tools such as Pro-E, SolidWorks, and AutoCad.

Software engineers develop interface protocols and embedded firmware for a wide array of microcontrollers and digital signal processors for control, communications, and signal processing applications.

Vetronix manufactures mechanical and electrical components including LRUs, LRMs, circuit card assemblies (CCAs), microelectronic components, and other highly integrated electronic modules. Vetronix is a trusted production supplier for several leading defense, industrial, aviation, and oil and gas equipment manufactures. Vetronix products are used in critical weapon systems and other applications where reliability is paramount. The Quality Management System is certified per ISO 9001:2015.

Vetronix has a wide array of electrical and environmental test equipment and capabilities to demonstrate product performance and process control. Test capabilities include wafer probe, component screening, ASIC test, burn-in, automated CCA and LRU test, high power electrical loading, and environmental stress.

Vetronix continuously monitors existing designs to identify potential product improvements or to predict material availability issues. Vetronix understands that product obsolescence can be very disruptive and costly to a program and further believes that component obsolescence mitigation and potential product re-engineering efforts are inherent elements of product lifecycle support.